Diamond Grid

"Diamond Grid surface stabilisation systems are successfully used by leading landscaping companies throughout the world to cut costs on surfacing roads, shed floors and any other areas where a solid surface is required for all types of vehicles and pedestrians. 
Diamond Grid has been engineered as a cost effective solution for erosion control, soil and turf stabilisation, with a unique design that is up to 100% permeable. "

how does diamond grid work?

"Diamond grid is an interlocking system of grids with a multi-layered drainage system that reduces erosion and eliminates compaction of the substructure. Diamond Grid creates a surface that is solid, dry and secure, even with constant use and in heavy rainfall."

The recycled propylene grids work to provide a structural system for your earth - whether it be a driveway, horse stable, grassy area or road! This system supports the material or 'substructure' in order to provide drainage, strength and reinforcement. Originally developed in conjunction with the CSIRO to provide a rural solution for wet area issues, the product has evolved to provide strong durable solutions for infrastructure across mining, civil and construction! 

"The grids are extrmeley durable, with a filled load-bearing capacity of over 1000 t / m2. They will not wear through even with constant use."

Diamond grid has proven time and again the ability to withstand heavy loads across a wide variety of agricultural uses - including mining and construction! The grids are able to withstand constant use by extremely heavy machinery, or even machinery that would traditionally rip up the ground area. In areas that usually require regular maintenance like machinery yards, horse stables and arenas, or wet area roads, the application of diamond grid has minimised or even eliminated the need to repair or maintain - a usually costly regular exercise! 

"With Diamond Grid you can:

- Prevent natural earth surfaces from developing into muddy unusable areas in wet weather.

- Eliminate surface erosion, potholes and corrugation.

- Reinforce turfed area, providing root protection.

- Enable gravel retention and stabilise embankments.

- Provide drainage when filled with gravel."

Diamond grid has proven extremely useful across a wide variety of rural, agricultural, landscaping, equestrian, mining, civil and construction applications. Easy to install, ability to be moved, minimal repairs and maintenance - what have you got to lose?! Diamond Grid is the solution to Darwin's seasonal difficulties for wet areas and washouts!

how do i install diamond grid?

1. Purchase at the yard:

You can purchase Diamond Grid either:

 - $33 / m2

 - $ 1575 / pallet (55m2 - $28.60 per m2)

Diamond Grid can be loaded onto a trailer or ute, but if palletised they must be strapped down as the pallets are quite high! 


2. Prepare the area:

There are a number of different levels of preparation required depending on the conditions of the area. At a minimum, the area should be levelled ready for the diamond grid application. We can email you the information sheet to get you started, or of course come down and chat to us at the yard! 


3. Spread the Diamond Grid:

Lay the Diamond grids, starting in one corner with the male lugs facing outwards on both the male sides. From there you an begin interlocking the grids to cover your required area! You can even start interlocking in rows and spread from there for an even more efficient process! 

4. Fill the Diamond Grid:

You can now fill the diamond grid with your chosen material - whether it be rock, soil, concrete, sand or roadbase - Diamond Grid has such a large variety of applications based on your needs. Remember, Diamond Grid is tough enough to withstand trucks driving over it to be filled, bobcat spread, or something similar - so don't hesitate to drive all over it and make that spreading much easier! 

See More at: diamondgrid.com


Using 7-10mm rock underneath or in between the diamond grid can provide a drainage solution for even the most difficult areas!

For horse stables, a sand can then be put over the top for resting horses! 

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