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Soil, Mulch & Blends

Top quality Soil & Mulch Blends for lawn, vegetable patches, potting, super soils and more! Check out our excellent range from budget to premium soils and mulches!

Landscaping Rock & Gravel

Beautiful Colours and Textures for landscaping; for paths and courtyards, gardens beds, driveway gravel, and much more! ... Which will you choose?

It's not as simple as you think - check out our range to see which best suits your project!

Fine and Coarse Sand

It's not as simple as you think - check out our range of fine and coarse sands to see which best suits your project! From Horse stables to concreting, sand pits to rendering, even certified soft fall sands for schools and playgrounds! We've got it all at Rural Garden Supplies!

Concrete Pre-mix & Pad Material

Work it. Build it. Make it stronger! We have all your necessary building material - cracker dust, scalps, road base, concrete premix, building sands and more! Not sure which to use? Don't hesitate to come down and have a chat to us about your landscaping or building project.

Concrete Creations

Add beautiful colours and textures to your landscape with our range of stepping stones, concrete sleepers and garden edging! Our Concrete Sleepers are made right here in rural Darwin, keeping the work high quality, local, and dependable! Our Retaining Wall sleepers are some of the thickest you will get in Darwin, not to mention available in a range of gorgeous colours and textures. Support local jobs and economy by choosing our concrete creations!

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