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"It is not ok to keep poisoning our soils. Every man, woman and child in the world has the right to drink fresh clean water, and eat fresh food and vegetables without it being full of chemicals and pesticides. Biogrow 365 is like a rain forest in a bottle. Healthy soil equals Healthy plants"  - Dave Lovegrove, Owner of Biogrow 365

WHat WILL Biogrow 365 do for my garden?

"BioGrow 365 is a complete natural all in one organic liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner containing a highly specialized microbiology that is environmentally safe."

The product introduces live microorganisms into the soil to improve on soil structure and condition, creating a soil environment that plants thrive in. Not only this, but the product introduces essential minerals and nutrients that are vital for healthy plant growth!

"BioGrow 365 is made through an innovative manufacturing procedure that turns natural raw materials into an environmentally safe, natural liquid organic fertilizer resulting in healthier fruit, vegetables, crops, livestock and people."

Chemical fertilisers cause significant damage to people, animals and the environment when it is used in the garden. Biogrow is organically made, and will not harm anything when used in the home or an agricultural setting. No PPE is required, the process is completely natural!

"BioGrow 365 is multipurpose and can be used on gardens, row crops, pastures, hay fields, fruit trees, lawns, flowers and ornamentals."

Live microorganisms and essential nutrients all play a role in sustaining healthy plant growth - regardless of the plant! Any garden you use this in will increase its intake in minerals, water and nutrient, resulting in a strong growth garden!

"BioGrow 365 will not burn, is non toxic and non polluting. It can be delivered through any commonly used irrigation system including  flood and drip feed systems. BioGrow 365 has been designed as a stand alone product and a replacement for all commonly used fertilizers, soil amendments and microbial inoculants."

Apply it easily, and put your mind at ease. No more chemicals. No more damage. This product is your next step to a beautiful and luscious garden!

Independently tested and proven with outstanding results."

Microorganisms such as positive fungi and bacteria are essential for plant growth as they:

  •  Unlock essential nutrients and minerals from the soil, making it more readily available to the plant

  •  Increase the surface area of roots, therefore increasing uptake of minerals and water

  •  Introduce a more diverse and beneficial variety of minerals and nutrients to plants, such as increased growth hormones, B vitamins, Amino acids and other organic acids

What this means for your plants:


  • An increased intake of mineral, nutrients and water!

  • Access to minerals and nutrients that are often locked up in the soil and inaccessible to the plant that are essential for energy, growth and photosynthesis

  • Smaller cells, but bigger cell walls, resulting in better protection against disease, pathogens, pests and insects

  • Increase in the strength and growth of plants

  • Increase in sugars for better tasting and more nutritional yields!!

How Can I apply Biogrow 365 on my garden?

1. Purchase at the yard:

 Bring in a breathable container and have our staff member fill it up for you! Biogrow 365 is $5 per litre


2. Mix it with water:

Dilute your biogrow 365 with water, at a recommended ratio of 1:5 as your strongest mix (e.g. 1L of Biogrow to 5L of water) or 1:10 as your weakest mix. 6L can cover just under 300m2 on most applications. The good news though? No matter how strong the mix is, you will not burn your plants!

Want to learn more, or have specific requirements? click here to access the biogrow website directly.


3. Spray it on the garden or lawn:

You can put Biogrow 365 in any spray or applicator, as it is completely organic, safe to use, and won't damage waterlines. Just ensure the container is free from chemical, pesticides, or nasties that might contaminate the mixture. You can spray on foliage or soil!

4. Storage

It is VERY important that your store your biogrow 365 in a breathable container, that is stored in a cool, dry and dark location. Your Biogrow 365 is full of live microbes that are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen to survive. If your container does not provide oxygen to the Biogrow, your liquid will become stagnant and potentially harmful, as anaeobic bacteria will grow.

So please, store with a breathable container, in a cool, dry and dark location! 

When stored like this, your biogrow will survive in 'suspended animation' until you are ready to use it!

What about bulk amounts?

Looking to fertilise your farm, or larger agricultural property? Biogrow 365 will revolutionise the way you fertilise and condition your soil. Biogrow 365 is used on such a large variety of crops, climates and soil,s, all with outstanding results!

But don't take our word for it - see the testimonials and stories from US farmers who have been using biogrow 365 to increase profits through higher yields and lower expenses! 

11 ton increase per acre in tomatoes -

Tory Friedman lateral growth - sugars and tonnage with Alfalfa -

John Martin - Huge biogrow benefits on corn -

Consumer and Distributor Elke - soil conditions, testing and cost benefits -

Tim Melcher on Golf Courses - organic benefits -

Dale Smith - bare spots now growing with biogrow 365 -

Spencer Scott on the versatility of Biogrow 365 -​

As witnessed by the above testimonials, Biogrow 365 will improve soil conditions and increase growth.

It is a 100% Organic fertiliser and soil conditioner that will not harm people, animals or the environment.

For many there is huge cost savings, and higher profits through higher yields.

Move away from chemical fertilisers today, and become one of the first in Australia to begin using biogrow 365 as the product launches in 2017!

We sell the product in super concentrate form in 1000L pods that can be picked up from the yard or delivered. 

Give us a call today to find out more!

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Biogrow 365 has been widely used for a number of agricultural purposes.

One of its most common results is higher yields and larger brix - meaning more plentiful and flavourful fruit and vegies!

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