A super rich Darwin soil that contains a mixture of: Top Soil; Potting Mix; Composted Cow Manure; Organic Chicken Manure Pellets; Organix Xtra pellets (fish meal, blood & bone, chicken manure & Suphate of Potash); and a Washed River Sand. You can't get better soil in Darwin!


10m3 of Garden Blend Delivered

AU$850.00 Regular Price
AU$800.00Sale Price
  • By mixing the Garden Blend ourselves at the yard, we ensure it's high level of quality. Using a quality screened top soil, various organic fertilisers and material, and a gorgeous washed river sand - you can't get better ingredients for such a high quality soil. Perfect for use in vegetable patches or specialty garden beds. We believe its some of the best soil you will find in Darwin! We have given a great discount where we will deliver 10m3 locally between Palmerston and Noonamah with free delivery!