Oversize Cracker Dust is mostly a 5mm minus product, but will have some larger rock up to 20mm size that has slipped through the screen. Usually $40/m3, but discounts to only $350 on 10m3 loads, plus the relevant delivery fee!

10m3 of OVERSIZE Cracker Dust

AU$400.00 Regular Price
AU$350.00Sale Price
  • We all know Cracker Dust to be a great compacting material, well this stuff is incredibly similar, but just with a few extras! The oversize Cracker Dust is that which has not been screened as well as our traditional cracker dust. So whilst its mostly your 5mm minus product, it will also contain rock up to 20mm size. What this means is; its not good for paving or tank pads, but is a perfect cheap option for car ports, driveways, and general compacting pads! DIscounts available on 10m3 loads. Price is per cubic metre.