Biogrow 365 is an organic liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner that enhances plant growth like not other fertiliser on the market. Live microbes unlock nutrients and minerals in the soil, whilst the liquid introduces key nutrients for plant growth. A pod contains 1000L of product.

BioGrow 365 - Liquid Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner PER POD

  • "It is not ok to keep poisoning our soils. Every man, woman and child in the world has the right to drink fresh clean water, and eat fresh food and vegetables without it being full of chemicals and pesticides. Biogrow 365 is like a rain forest in a bottle. Healthy soil equals Healthy plants"  - Dave Lovegrove, Owner of Biogrow 365

    100% natural organic liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner!

    Biogrow 365 is a liquid fertiliser featuring a specialised microbiology that will enhance growth and increase the strength of your crop. The product introduces both essential nutrients and live microorganisms so that not only are the essential elements introduced to the soil, they are readily available to the plant, creating a soil environment that your crop will thrive in.

    Biogrow 365 is also non-toxic, non-polluting, and has no risk of burning your crops. No PPE is required, and it is safe for all people, plants, animals and environment. However, take note to wash hands after use, wash all treated plants before eating, and if irration to skin or eyes occurs, rinse with water.

    Various agricultural studies and independent tests have been performed with Biogrow 365 on a massive scale, with huge increases in yield, brix and soil conditions! Watch the videos here and listen to real farmers and agriculturalists talk about how Biogrow 365 has improved their business.

    Biogrow will replace all other fertilisers or conditioners in your process, and is not recommended for use in conjunction with any other fertilisers or pesticides. Don't be fooled by the lower NPK content - your crop will use more nitrogen with this fertiliser then with any other chemical fertiliser out there - becuase its not enough that a soil contains the element, what matters is its availability to the plant! Biogrow 365 will unlock nutrients and minerals in the soil that were previously not available to the plant and increase strength and growth.

    A pod contains 1000L of product.

    Read more on our Biogrow 365 page!


  • It is important that you love the material you have chosen, as there is no possibility for return once the material has left our yard! If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, please contact our friendly staff directly on 08 8988 5880 and we can come to a solution based on your situation.

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