The by-product of crushing Hornsfel Rock - this cracker dust sits well for paths, driveways or courtyards, and contains slightly less dust than the granite version.

Arafura Cracker Dust (Crusher Dust)

  • This cracker dust, or crusher dust as it is also known, is a material is perfect for pathways, car ports, driveways and courtyards! It is made as a by product of crushing the hornsfel Arafura Blue rock, and contains a 5mm down to crushed fines. It is different from the Granite cracker dust as it does not pack in as solidly, and contains less fines. This means it stays slightly loose like a small gravel, making it a preferred product for more walkways and cosmetic landscaping rather then for building pads etc. However, if bedded with water and compaction will still make a great pad material. Wet it down to settle the fines when you lay it, and you will have a bright blue 5mm stone sitting at the top! Price is per cubic metre.