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This washed coarse 2-5mm Sand is perfect for stables and pens, but also is a favourite for gardening. Our potting mix and Garden Blend contains River Sand due to its excellent drainage qualities. It is also a certified soft fall sand, making it ideal for playgrounds.

Coarse Washed Sand (Soft Fall Sand)

  • This Coarse Washed Sand is our largest grain sand - making it the perfect drainage solution. It will remain loose and not bind up, and therefore has gone through the process to be certified as a soft fall sand! This makes it ideal for playgrounds, but is also an excellent sand for use in horse stables or animal pens, not to mention a perfect drainage solution for mixing in soil and gardening. We ourselves use this particular sand in our potting mixes and garden blend. Grain size is 2-5mm. Price is per cubic metre.

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