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Beautiful natural smooth granite boulders that make for stunning feature pieces. These rocks are very large, and therefore cannot be picked up with trailer or ute, or moved by hand. Price range varies depending on the size of the rock.

Natural Granite Boulders 500-1000mm

  • These gorgeous natural granite rocks are naturally smooth and show off earthy colours of orange, brown and creams. These very large boulders make for stunning features in the landscape, whether used for pools, garden, entry ways or ponds! These unique pieces are absolute favourites for those who are looking to make a statement with their landscape, whilst also keeping it natural and simply beautiful.

    The rock dimensions and sizes can vary, some being more rounded, some being longer. Some example dimensions in metres are as follows:

    1L x .6W x .5H (approx. the average size)     \     1.4L x .6W x .8H (one of the largest)   \     .7L x .6W x .5H (rounder rock)

    The rocks are priced per piece. 

    PLEASE NOTE: These rocks are very large and would weigh over 1 ton each, therefore they cannot be moved by hand, and do require a truck to transport. For this reason we can only deliver in our medium sized, steel bin truck or they might be picked up in an appropriate truck - usually one with a steel bin and large tailgate. There must also be ample room for delivery as these rocks can sometimes roll due to their smooth rounded shape. Please be aware that there is a risk of a rock chipping when being offloaded by the trucks, it is unfortunately unavoidable and will not result in any discount. In order to minimise this risk, we will always place sand or a similar bedding material in the bottom of the truck during transport, so please be aware you will get this material tipping off the truck when delivered also. As always, any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


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