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A hand made reinforced stepping stone or paver that is used often in the landscape as well as for practical uses such as setting up air conditions boxes or gas.

Plain reinforced Stepping Stone 850 x 450

  • This large concrete hand-made stepping stone is much larger then any other type and therefore requires reinforcing with steel mesh. This enhances its durability and makes it less likely to crack at its long length! It is a plain untextured paver and looks great in the landscape for a modern finish. However, its also at a perfect length for most airconditiong boxes or gas set ups etc. This makes it a preferred choice for many building applications also! Measures approximately 850L x 450W x 40H. Price is per piece.

  • It is important that you love the material you have chosen, as there is no possibility for return once the material has left our yard! If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, please contact our friendly staff directly on 08 8988 5880 and we can come to a solution based on your situation.

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