The Split Sleepers Large are just slightly larger and bulkier then their little siblings the Small splits! These large sleepers are perfect for garden edging! No extra work required then to place them in the desired location on flat ground!

Split Sleepers large

  • Concrete Garden Edging with a wooden look! These large split sleepers are easy to set up and will age beautifully, with no need to be concerned about weather or pests. The sleepers are reinforced for etra strength and durability, and come at a size of approx. of approx 1800x120mm. 

    Price is per sleeper. Not all colours are always in stock, so please ring ahead to make sure we have your desired colour, or make an order! 

  • It is important that you love the material you have chosen, as there is no possibility for return once the material has left our yard! If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, please contact our friendly staff directly on 08 8988 5880 and we can come to a solution based on your situation.