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"It's so refreshing these days to get amazing customer service. These guys hit the nail on the head! Prices are unreal, quality is second to none & I always feel like they're treating every job as if it were being sourced & delivered to their own home. Well done guys keep up the awesome work!" 
- Louise Johnston, Noonamah Facebook review

There's a reason we are Darwin's favourite landscaping yard. When you visit, you can be certain that you will be met with friendly faces and helpful service. We are only a small yard, but we aim to bring you a sizeable variety at competitive prices. 

We've been working on building our level of products since October of 2012, and believe that we have raised the bar on the level of quality in gardening products in the Darwin area. We've created new products at our yard such as the garden blend and manure blend, experimented to bring you the perfect size and mixture in our potting mix, and sourced landscaping rocks and material from all over Darwin and interstate so that we can offer you great choice and flexibility. 


Our yard is located in Humpty Doo on the Arnhem Highway - opposite the hardware and right next to the Puma Service Station. Come on in to check out our range, seek some advice, make an order or pick up your material with a ute or trailer. We have a front gate and a second back gate for exiting, so you can be confident coming in with your trailer no worries (in case you are nervous about reversing!). 

Our loader has a range of bucket sizes, with the minimum purchase charge being half a cubic metre. This amount will sit nicely in most trailers or utes, or fit a bit more if you have excellent springs or dual axle!

There's always someone here during our opening hours - but sometimes we might not have all the products you want in stock. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible, but its always a good idea to call ahead when you can! 

Whilst Humpty Doo was once known for some pretty fantastic argicultural experiments that failed back in the 50's, it has certainly come a long way since then. Situated approx. 50kms from Darwin City, the drive out can yield some interesting places to visit - including the boxing crocodile, Fogg Dam, and the Window to the Wetlands. So if you feel like driving from Darwin seems too far, why not make a day of it and check out all of what Humpty Doo and it's surrounding areas have to offer!


The other option of course is to organise a delivery service - we regularly deliver everywhere from Darwin City to Darwin River, and everywhere in between! So don't hesitate to get a quote on delivery. 


Do we know where the name Humpty Doo comes from? Not exactly, but there's some pretty interesting theories floating around.. Either way, we are proud of our town and the characters we find! Ian, the director, is Humpty Doo born and bred himself, and has some great stories about how far it has come! 

​We hope to continue in Humpty Doo for a long time to come, and look forward to seeing you in the yard soon! 

Come in and see the range today!

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