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building and pad material

Rural Garden Supplies takes our DIY seriously - as part of a rural community which prides itself on gettin' it done we know the benefit of being able to access the materials locally.


We take such pride in the quality of material we provide that we mix our own concrete pre-mix here at the yard. With a combination of two types of washed sand, and a granite rock (either 10mm or 20mm) it has been described as a preferred pre-mix here in Darwin! Don't bring in someone to do the concreting at some exorbitant amount - get in and DIY today!



Please note that not all pad materials below will be stocked in the yard at all times due to seasonal weather and  limited amount of space. Please give us a call to be sure the product is currently in stock. We also able to source products such as Select fill, Dirty scalps, or other types of fill, though we might not stock these regularly in the yard.


As always, don't hesitate to give us a call to talk through your project's requirements!

Concrete Pre-mix & Cement

Pad and driveway material

Fixing up a Driveway?

Two different ways you can go:

Compacting material, like road base or landscaping gravels!

It all comes down to water movement, price, and visual preference!

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