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Concrete creations

Add some gorgeous texture and a spark of colour to your landscape with our variety of concrete garden stepping stones, retaining wall sleepers, edging and ornaments!

We have a range of retaining walls sleepers, garden edging, stepping stones and garden ornaments that can enhance any landscape! Get a unique piece like the 'Straya Paver" or build a completely unique retaining wall with our range of textures and colours! Know that all our Retaining Sleepers and Sleepers Splits come reinforced with steel bar, making them structurally sound as well as beautiful!

Pieces can be used differently too - for example or full length and half length wood grain sleepers are often use to make pathways as well as retaining walls!  Or the Straya pavers are often used decoratively instead of on paths! 

Whichever piece you end up selecting, we suggest that if you want to keep the colour of your piece, or even darken or enrich the colour - paint over it with a concrete sealer once you get them home! Or, leave them be if you're looking for a beautiful moss covered aged look... So many different things can be done with these pieces in the landscape - don't hesitate to get creative!

All of the pieces are made right here at the yard, ensuring their level of quality and workmanship! We make them by hand and this takes time, and to be honest it's hard to keep up with stock levels as we keep selling out! What this means for you is that you may need to make an order, which can take up to a few weeks depending on the quantity and the item. These pieces are also not able to be delivered and must be picked up from the yard. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all! 

Retaining Wall Sleepers & Garden Edging

Stepping Stones & Blocks

Garden Ornaments or Features

We've so many different textures in our retaining wall sleepers!

Choose from 

-stacked stone

-wood grain

-brick texture

-block texture

-natural stone

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