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Different colours, shapes and textures can create beautiful spaces in your garden...




Picking a Landscaping rock can sometimes be a tricky task, as there are a number of factors to consider for your project. For example, if you are putting rocks in the garden, things you might want to consider are the size and colour of the rock. Would you like the colours to match your house or contrast? What kind of plants are going into the garden? Does lots of water run through the area - such as water coming off the roof and hitting the ground there? Will I walk through the area?


What about for driveways - what colour would you like your driveway to be? How strong is the gravel you are looking at? Does your driveway get extremely muddy or is it fairly compact already? If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to gravel, you can check out some other great products that can be used for driveways on the page - Building and Pad Materials - take a look at the Type 2 gravel or cracker dust! 


Just remember that different landscaping rocks or gravels may be suited to different tasks, so if you have a specific project in mind it is a good idea to ring ahead and have a chat to us about your requirements. Particularly landscaping in the Darwin area as we have such drastic changes in weather! 


Please know that we do our best to provide accurate colours in the pictures, however rock colours do change over time depending on the seam of the quarry at the time. To ensure your material is going to match your landscaping scheme, its best to visit the yard and see it for yourself! 


All rocks are subject to availability. Please click on the picture to find out sizes that may be available, and their prices per metre. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects needs.

Gravels under 200mm

Rocks over 200mm

These rocks can often vary significantly in size, but will usually contain a mix of football to boulder size rocks! Some can be moved by hand but others might not be able to, so check with us first if you have a particular project in mind!

Doing your driveway?

So many options!

Come and talk to us about your choices today: Budget friendly, soft and compacting, bright and pretty, or tough and durable?

We can help you pick the right stuff!

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